Etymology of Cardinal Directions

Read Time: 10 min.

How South meant East and Our Mental Maps turned Upside Down. A consideration of the etymology and root meaning for terms used as cardinal directions in Germanic languages, as well as Classical Latin and Classical Greek, to better understand the orientation of ancient peoples.

Scale in Prose

Read Time: 11 min.

Outline of the problems of scale in prose for technical writers in relation to the scaling needs of fiction writers, with some notes on why the tools of tech writers should carry over to improve the labors of fiction writers.


Read Time: 1 min.

Designs for a tool rack to hang above my workbench to use for saws, chisels, and mallets.

Using Snippets in NeoVim

Read Time: 6 min.

Tutorial on configuration and use of snippets for UltiSnips, a snippets plugin for Vim and NeoVim.

Logging Macros in C++

Read Time: 9 min.

Tutorial on setting up compiler macros for common logging functions in C++.

Horse (Variant)

Read Time: 2 min.

Traditional Japanese horses work very well for most of my use cases, but sometimes I'd like to have a larger, heavier version for specific tasks, like sawing down oak planks

Plugin Management with Dein in NeoVim

Read Time: 1 min.

Guide to configuring Dein for managing plugins in NeoVim.

Constructing Languages

Read Time: 4 min.

Outline of considerations for the development of the Avensitiec and Yunshulean language families.

CLI Utilities in Python

Read Time: 4 min.

Guide to building out command-line utilities in Python, using argparse, logging, and sys.

Horse (Traditional)

Read Time: 2 min.

Traditional Japanese sawhorses are similar to the Western trestle, but built very low so that you can use your foot as a clamp to hold the board down while sawing with a ryoba or dozuki.

Project Wulfila

Read Time: 14 min.

Background outlining various problems and concerns that led to the development of Project Wulfila, a language reference tool for Germanic philology, soon to support other features.