Designs for a tool rack to hang above my workbench to use for saws, chisels, and mallets.

Now that I have a joiner’s bench up and ready, I’m finding it fairly aggravating digging through my toolbox for saws. Saws are a particular problem since Japanese saws tend to favor thinner steel and thus I need to keep them in a case and fitted with toothguards to avoid breakage.

Currently, I have two ryoba, a kataba, two dozuki and some sort of a small kugihiki. This project would provide a wooden rack to hang a little behind my workbench to store the Japanese saws. May adjust the number of slots as I get closer to actually building the rack.


The sawrack is based around two 27” horizontal beams each 2” thick. Each beam fits into 1x2 slats with at least a 3” separation. A 1x2 or 1x4 panel fits over the front, protecting the saws from whatever’s happening on the bench.

Back Beam1in. x 2in. x 27in.2
End Slat1in. x 2in. x 8in.1
Front Panel, Dozuki/Kataba1in. x 2in. x 3½in.3
Front Panel, Ryoba1in. x 2in. x 5½in.2
Front-Panel, Kugihiki1in. x 2in. x 2 ½in.1
Slats1in. x 2in. x 16in.6

Given that this piece is meant to bear saws, a tough hardwood is preferable to make it harder to scratch up as the saws go in and out. Since I may adjust these plans as I work, ordering for a little more than the above lists. This will give me room to add one additional slat for another kataba or dozuki, depending on how I feel at order time.

1in. x 2in. x 12ft.1
1in. x 8in. x 8ft.1

Hardware store in my area sells oak 1x2’s, with 12’ going for $13.48 and the 8’ at $9.78, which comes to around $24.26 in materials cost.