Writer working in documentation. Principally focused on open source technologies and relational database platforms. Also interested in writing on literature and language, world-building and writing fantasy fiction.

Tinker delighting in the combined labors both of brains and brawn. In the work of the mind, a coder working in Python and Cython, Elixir, C++ and Java, Web, XML and XSLT, XSL-FO and LaTeX. In the work of the hands, an avant-garde traditionalist, amateur carpenter and enthusiastic maker of furniture of necessity.

Philologist certified and lettered. Student of Classical Latin and Greek, Old English and Old Saxon, Old Norse, and Gothic. With an additional interest in the art and practice of constructing languages.

Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, I've lived in various parts of the American South and Milan, Italy. Currently reside in Boston, Massachusetts.


Collection of personal reflections, essays on various subjects, notes on life and variegated projects.

Knowledge Base

Collection of reference articles on writing, tinkering, and language development.